Economizer Of Boiler Feed Water

Economizer Of Boiler Feed Water

The flue gas discharged from the chimneys of industrial boilers or processes has a large amount of thermal energy. By using this energy in the flue gas in economizers, energy saving is achieved by increasing the temperature of the feed water entering the boiler.

The flue gas drawn from the boilers of the industrial steam boilers uses energy to increase the temperature of the water entering the boiler and save energy.

Depending on the boiler flue gas outlet temperature, the state of the existing boiler and the type of fuel, a yield increase of between 3% and 6% is achieved in boiler or plant efficiency. Depending on the increase in efficiency provided, less fuel is consumed for the same capacity or more heat is generated for the same amount of fuel consumption.

With less fuel burned, less CO2 will be released into the environment. Therefore CO2 emissions will also be the least.

  • Minimum thermal stress with water inlet at a temperature closer to the vapor saturated steam temperature
  • Excellent boiler operation with proportional level control and dehumidifier systems integrated with the economizer
  • If the heat obtained is given to the boiler feed water, work without load on loads, better adapt to different loads
  • High efficiency with the most optimum flue gas output possible
  • Specially designed system for easy and quick installation
  • Optimum design of piping and piping design for compact water volume
  • Increased efficiency thanks to additional economisers
  • Boiler control PLC and Touch Screen that clearly show operation data
  • Easy connection to the system thanks to flue gas and water inlet connections Durable, reliable and durable due to the manufacturing steps required by the standards

The economizer, which will be mounted behind the boiler to heat the boiler feedwater with the flue gas, is designed to increase system efficiency. The economizer is manufactured from finned tubes and the system efficiency will be maximized with much smaller heat transfer surfaces. The economizer is designed to be self-propelled and can be mounted directly to the boiler outlet.

The economizer pipe distribution is designed as a full crossflow to ensure that the water and the flue gas flow homogeneously throughout the economizer.

Safety, ventilation, temperature and pressure indicators on the economiser designed to drain the entire water in the economizer during maintenance and long stoppages.

Sufficient amount of water and flue gas inspection covers are on the economizer.

The cleaning pipes will be integrated to clean the heating surfaces.

The heat recovery steam boiler is insulated and equipped with the necessary safety equipment. A flue gas bypass closure was added and insulated to facilitate transport. Boiler control can be controlled by touch screen based on PLC.

In order to keep the boiler feed water constantly in the economizer, the proportional feed water control system keeps the heat balance at the maximum level by keeping the heat balance at the maximum level by reinforcing the same volume of the boiler water instead of the boiler which is separated from the winner, and prevents evaporation in the economiser.

There is a manual by-pass damper that directs the smoke gas directly to the bumper. If desired, the signal to be received from the PLC can also be equipped with an automatic by-pass device.