Hot Oil Boilers

Hot Oil Boilers

It can work with natural gas and liquid fuels. 3 It has a passive structure and it is optimized for the oil outlet temperature used in industries.​

It can work with natural gas and liquid fuels. 3 It has a passive structure and it is optimized for the oil outlet temperature. Used in industries.

When high temperatures are required, high temperatures are obtained at lower pressures compared to high pressure steam boilers and the adverse effects of water are eliminated.

The system, which is completely designed as a package, is assembled and installed very quickly.

The economizer, which will be mounted behind the boiler to heat the combustion air entering the heater with the withdrawn smoke gas, is designed to increase system efficiency.

The specially designed rear turn cooling panel not only brings the advantage of the heating surface, it also prevents the boiler from being exposed to vibrations and shocks, and also provides a long lasting operation.

  • Access to all system data thanks to PLC based control system
  • Due to the integrated economizer, heat isolation, 3 pass-through technology and rear cooling panel design,
  • Automatic start, shutdown and hold control
  • Compatible with all burner systems
  • Excellent combustion thanks to advanced ignition system and excellent combination of heater and burner
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy commissioning thanks to pre-programmed heater control
  • Easy installation since the system is a single unit

The burner's furnace consists of a bundle of pipes connected to each other helically. At the extreme end of this pipe bundle is an outer helical coil connection with a sheet-separated wall between the two plates and a rear cooling panel. The oil coming from the outer helical coil goes to the inner coil and runs there. The flue gas is directed from the hearth through these two helical coils to the front and then to the air behind the boiler to the preheater economiser.

Fresh air is directed towards the blower with separate air fan after a certain amount of heating with the preheater.

The boiler front door is designed with heavy duty hinged system and it is known to interfere with the pipes to be opened completely.

The Hot Oil Scratch is insulated and equipped with the necessary safety equipment. The system can have its own control panel or can be controlled by the existing PLC system.

The burner selected from the most suitable material for burner operation will operate the burner with minimum heat loss due to refractory / ceramic wool and insulation.

Stairs and platforms will be designed to provide easy control and maintenance.

Stairs and balustrades are designed in accordance with TS EN ISO 14122, taking into account work safety precautions.