Domestic Water Economizer

Domestic Water Economizer

The flue gas discharged from the chimneys of industrial boilers or processes has a large amount of thermal energy. By using this energy in the flue gas in economizers, energy saving is achieved by increasing the temperature of the domestic water needed in the operation.

By using the energy in the flue gas discharged from the chimneys of industrial boilers, they provide energy savings by increasing the temperature of the water needed in the enterprise.

Depending on the boiler flue gas outlet temperature, the status of the current boiler and the type of fuel, an efficiency increase between 3% and 6% is achieved in the plant efficiency. Depending on the increase in efficiency, less energy is consumed in the facility.

  • High efficiency with the most optimum flue gas output possible
  • Specially designed system for easy and fast installation
  • Compact with less water volume thanks to the optimally designed tube and tube layout design
  • Easy connection to the system thanks to flue gas and water inlet connections
  • Durable, reliable and long-lasting thanks to the manufacturing stages mandated by the standards

The economizer, which will be mounted behind the boiler to heat the domestic water with flue gas, is designed to increase plant efficiency. The economizer is made of finned tubes and the system efficiency will be maximized with much smaller heat transfer surfaces. Although the economizer is designed to be self-supporting, it can be mounted directly to the boiler outlet.

The economizer tube distribution is designed as full cross flow so that the water and flue gas flow homogeneously through the economizer.

There are necessary discharge, safety, ventilation, temperature and pressure indicators on the economizer, which is designed to drain all the water in the economizer during maintenance and long-term shutdowns.

There are inspection covers on the economizer with sufficient amount of water and on the flue gas side.

Cleaning tubes will be integrated for cleaning the heating surfaces.