Waste Heat Hot Water Boiler

Waste Heat Hot Water Boiler

Waste heat hot water boilers produce hot water by using the energy in the waste flue gas.

Used with a combined heat and power unit, the waste heat recovery steam boiler can play a very important part in strategies for using primary energy efficiently. The hot flows of flue gas from the upstream combustion processes are conducted into the heat recovery boiler and used for hot water generation purposes. By means of its modular design which is a Water Tube and Smoke Tube design with compact dimensions, it is the ideal choice for both new plants and modernization projects.​

  • High efficiency with the most optimum flue gas output temperature
  • Specially designed system for easy and quick installation
  • Optimum design
  • Boiler control PLC and Touch Screen which clearly show operation data
  • Easy connection to the system
  • Durable, reliable manufacturing process

The tube distribution is designed as a full crossflow to ensure that the water and the flue gas flow homogeneously throughout the boiler. The pressurized shell has a cylindrical boiler, front and rear end plate, single pass smoke tubes, all necessary connecting ports and man and cleaning holes for the boiler's control and maintenance.

The heat recovery steam boiler is insulated and equipped with the necessary safety equipment. A flue gas bypass system has been added and insulated to facilitate transport. Boiler control can be controlled by touchscreen based on PLC. The boiler feed pumps selected as large enough to pump the boiler water to the boiler are grouped as skids. According to the signal to be taken from the vapor pressure, when the boiler provides the necessary steam trajectory, the winner entrance is equipped with a by-pass lap that closes proportionally. Stairs and platforms will be designed to provide easy control and maintenance. Stairs and balustrades are designed in accordance with TS EN ISO 14122, taking into account work safety precautions.