MNK boiler systems energy and machinery industry trade co. Ltd. Ltd. with its experienced and expert staff, highly efficient boiler systems in the areas of energy and serves.

Steam boilers, waste heat boilers, ORC, hot oil boilers, cogeneration, production engineering solutions is ready to meet your needs or support your projects with economizer.


Knowledge, experience, know-how and teamwork, with an emphasis decoded correctly by offering projects to customers, both before and after the project 100% customer satisfaction innovation and continuous improvement and self-goal to obtain the vision of our company.

In our country, in our mission to increase awareness of energy conservation and environmental awareness also play an important role.


In our country the branding process by creating with customers “energy recovery” projects when it comes to these projects, and wants to perform engineering and result-oriented being one of the first companies that comes to mind, the most important mission of our company.